Sun Protection face mask Koolcap

Mã SP : Koolcap

169.000 đ

Chất liệu: Vải dệt ứng dụng công nghệ cao có độ SPF 50+, vải lưới dệt, vải dệt Cotton.
Nón lưỡi trai, thiết kế che toàn bộ phần tai, cổ, gáy.

The high quality sun protective products use sun protective fabrics with optimum sun protective index, which helps you feel cool under the hot sun.
The main material is Special Sun protective Cloth with sun protective index SPF 50 + (highest index), were tested  by Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Physics and achieve standards date of 28/04/2003. Achieve sun protective index in Japan (prevent over 98% of UVA & UVB) on 23/06/2010.
Main SPF Fabric meets standards of AATCC183-ASTM6544 ASTM6603 (U.S. standards)
Not only very stylish, elegant colors to honor your beauty, these products also help you from the harmful effects of the sun causes, such as tan, acne or skin cancer ...
You can use it as a full face and head mask, a neck tube, a headband, and many other ways. It’s made of lightweight material that is a four-way stretch, providing easy movement, and we made it extra durable with stretch-seams on the ends that reduce fraying and curling.
The sun protective product fits the following activities
  • Tourism: beaches, climbing, picnic, ...
  • Outdoor sports: Golf, tennis, hiking, ...
  • Working outdoors: biking, gardening, construction, and other work ...

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